Printing support for HP Pro 6830?



I use Smart Office 2 on OnePlus One Android running Kitkat. I used to print my documents to HP 6500 printer without any problems. I recently replaced my LAN connected printer with HP Pro 6830 printer and since then I am unable to print using Smart Office 2 and I receive “print error” whenever I try to print. I am able to print to this printer from the same Android device using HP Eprint.

  1. Is the HP 6830 printer supported by Smart Office 2?
  2. If it is supported, can you advise how to solve the problem?
  3. If the printer is not supported, do you have any plans to add support for it? If so in what timeframe?




Hello Yaki.

I’m sorry, but the HP OfficePro 6830 is not on our list of supported printers:

We do have plans to expand our list of supported printers, but I cannot predict when that will happen. When we update the application, we will update the list here on the forum.

Thank you for your inquiry.

SmartOffice Support


Thank you for responding.