Problem with App now I've lost all my files


Hello everyone,

I deleted the Smart Office app because I was having syncing issues with Drop Box.

Now I’ve uncovered that reloading the app has meant I’ve lost all my files and none of them linked with Drop Box.

Is there any solution to recovering the files I created in Smart Office?


Kerry Ann


On what platform, please?

On Android, any files you store locally on your device should be utterly unaffected by deleting/reinstalling the app.

On iOS, when you save files locally, they go into the apps ‘sandbox’. This means that when you delete the app, you delete all the files that were created with it too.

I’m sorry, but that’s just how Apple decided it should work. I’m afraid your files are gone for good :frowning:



If you have been backing up your iPhone using iTunes, you may be able to use a tool like this one to recover the files:

(I’ve not used this particular tool; there may be other ones available.)

Unfortunately if you are backing up using iCloud I’m not aware of any similar tool.


You can try Coolmuster software to recover lost files.Coolmuster software support android phone,iphone.You can recover files from computer.


You can extract iTunes old files.


You have to quickly recover data from phone for scan the phone memory,becaus those data are not completely deleted from phone , once those data was covered on the phone ,you may never recover them back ,


If you are an iPhone user, maybe you can try to restore your backup files in iTunes or iCloud. But before restoration, you may need to create a backup file for your current data. If you are on an Android device, I wanna suggest you check on the trash of Google Drive. If this doesn’t use for you, I afraid that you might need to use some recovery tool to help you.

Here are two articles I found that might be useful for you, maybe you can refer to them.
How to recover lost files on Android
How to recover lost files from iPhone


For Android device, you can use Google Account as an alternative to DropBox. As to your lost files, you can check data recovery tools to access and recover all your lost files on Android. Just google android recovery software and see more details.
For iOS device, you can use iTunes or iCloud to sync your data so that you won’t lose your data again.


I think this data recovery guide will solve your problem. I’d recommend you to try Recuva, PhotoRec or DiskDigger apps.


It all depends on what platform your phone is on and whether you have a backup file or not.
If you are iPhone user, you can recover those file from the iCloud backup file, iTunes backup files, and directly from the iPhone with an [iOS Data Recovery] tool.
However, if you are an android user and have a syncing issue with the dropbox, you can only recover the Smart Office files with the [Android Data Recovery].
How to:
How to Recover Lost iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery
Recover Deleted Files on Android Phone - Android Phone Recovery


I will suggest you some software tools that can be sued to recover lost data files regardless of their type. Some best ones are EaseUs, Recuva, Stellar Phoenix, Disk Drill, etc. Though you need to download the compatible version for it. Memory card data recovery can guide more.


Restoring from iTunes or iCloud backup is the best way to recover lost files on iPhone. However, if you were lucky enough, then you can retrieve the deleted files directly from iPhone with third-party apps. Here is an example:


To be honest, the more as I know is about how to recover lost files on iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc with professional iPhone data recovery software. The one that I have used to recover lost iPhone contacts, photos, etc is named Mac iPhone data recovery. You can have a try on own needs.


It all depends whether you have a backup file or not.If you are using an iPhone, TunesKit iPhone Data Recovery will be able to recover iPhone deleted or lost files from the device directly or from iCloud backup files and iTunes backup files, It is easy to operate following these 3 steps: choose data recovery mode, scan and preview the lost data, select and recover the desired files.