RTL Word document with mathematic formulas dosen't display correctly


All text display correctly as RTL except the formulas that display LTR. So we get a mix of text in right side and formulas only in left side.

You can match the document by opening with Microsoft word to see the difference.

I’m attaching the document.




Thank you for posting this topic to the forum.

We’ve looked at the document in Word, Google Drive and SmartOffice and all three applications render the document differently. The layout issues derive from the fact the text characters (letters, numbers, periods and spaces) are separate from the inserted objects (formula images) and float independently.

I’ve had the engineering team take a look at this issue and we added it to our list of bug fixes / enhancement requests to include in a subsequent release.

In the meantime, I wonder if you might consider using a table to control the display of text and objects across multiple applications. I constructed a table in word and inserted the numbers and objects in separate cells which will be unaffected by the app you use to view. The first table has the borders showing and the second table has the borders hidden. I uploaded and share via Google Drive:


Thank you.

SmartOffice Support


wow, the table fixes it. will stick with this solution for now. as your app is the fastest and the most accurate office in the play store. the only one thats quite close is the “TextMaker HD” by Softmaker. (not here to advertised them just to tell that your office is even better). and of course your office is FREE :smile:

Thank you so much.