Smart Office 2.3.0 - Problems with Far Eastern Fonts on iOS 8


Hi all,

We’re aware of an issue with Far Eastern fonts in Smart Office which occurs on iOS 8. We’re working on this and will get a fix released on the App Store as soon as we can.


We’ve just submitted the fixed version of Smart Office 2 for iOS to Apple for review. We know how important this bug fix is to our customers, so we’ve asked Apple if they can expedite the review process.

An update to SmartOffice+ has also been submitted.

The new version of Smart Office for Good is also in progress but not yet ready to submit to Apple.


Apple have just approved version 2.3.1 of Smart Office 2, which has this fix. It should be available on the app store within the next few hours.


Smart Office Plus 2.3.1 has also now been approved and will be available as an update on the App Store shortly.

The SmartOffice for Good release of 2.3.1 also has the issue with far eastern fonts on iOS 8. We’re are working with Good to make an update but it’s going to take a little bit longer. If anyone would be interested in getting early access to the new Good release please drop us an email ( ).