Smart Office 2.3.1 for Good


Every sense we moved to the latest version of Smart Office for Good and Good for Enterprise, we are unable to save back documents (When a document is created in SmartOffice). We are able to save back document that are sent to SmartOffice (Good Share --> Open In --> SmartOffice --> Save Back --> Good Share). We get the following error message:

Good for Enterprise application no found.

Has anyone else seen this problem or is this a known bug?


Hi Drose2878,

Apologies that you’re having this problem, but thanks for making us aware of it.

We have had one other report of an issue like this I believe. I’ll pass this onto our ‘Good’ expert and get back to you when I get an update from him.


Thank you for reporting this problem. Could I trouble you recheck that save back fails in both cases where either you select saving back to “Good Share” or saving back to “Good for Enterprise”? And in both cases the error mentions “Good for Enterprise”?


The only fails when trying to save back to the Good for Enterprise Container. The save back works when saving documents to Good Share.


Thank you. That is very useful information. We are looking into this and chasing it up with Good Dynamics.


Hi everyone,

Apologies for the delays, but the fix for this is now live on the App Store. Please upgrade to 2.3.4 and let us know if you still see problems.