Smart Office 2.3.28 for iOS won't upgrade


According to iTunes a new Smart Office 2 (version 2.3.28) is available since August 22. I am currently on 2.3.27, so kept up to date. When trying to update the app, iTunes gives an error message, and I translate from Dutch:

This update is not available for this Apple ID because the update has been purchased by another user, restitution has been given for the article or the article was canceled.

None of these three conditions are valid, so maybe version 2.3.28 has been posted incorrectly on iTunes?



Thanks for letting us know; I checked and we’ve had a huge number of users upgrade already so I don’t think it’s a general problem with the iTunes upload.

I’d probably recommend some combination of:

  1. Reboot the device/PC
  2. Try upgrading via a different method (eg. via iTunes on a PC / Mac vs or the on-device app store app)
  3. Waiting till evening then try again, in case it’s a transient problem on Apple’s servers / a network issue

If the problem persists after that I’d recommend containing Apple via - if that doesn’t help please let us know.




Rebooting the iMac didn’t make a difference, but upgrading directly from the iPad did. And iTunes updated SmartOffice 2 in its app library after it synced with the iPad. Thanks, Jogu! :+1: