Smart Office 2 exits when iPad1 goes into Standby


Hello All,

Since a recent SO2 update, the app shuts down when I put my iPad1 into Standby. After restarting, the dashboard is ghosted and will not allow any input. Re-booting the iPad is the only fix - each time!

Any suggestions? (Other than getting a newer iPad!)


Hi Biggles,

Apologies that you’re having these issues.

The shutdown in standby is I believe a bug we’re already aware of and working on.

The problem with the dashboard being ghosted is an issue we weren’t previously aware of, so many thanks for letting us know about it. It happens when there are unsaved changes that we allow you to recover, but in this case the dialogue is not appearing on screen. If see this ghosted state, rotating the device (ie. hold it in portrait/landscape) seems to bring the dialogue on screen and allow you to progress. (Please make sure your iPad doesn’t have the orientation lock enabled for this to work!)

We’ll investigate this bug and release a proper fix in due course.