Smart Office doesn't run on my ipad


French user I have an old iPad but I upgraded it to io9. Then I installed Smart Office in its last version. When I have a pdf file attached to a mail, I used to click on and open with SO. The SO app opens and disappears after a second !
I don’t understand why…
Thanks for some help


Hello Noel.

I’m sorry to hear you are having trouble with SmartOffice.

First, I need a bit more detail. Can you give us specifics as to your current environment:

iPad model
amount of storage space (used/available)
Exact iOS version (9.x)
Exact SO2 version (2.x.x)

Next, I’d like to recommend that you close all applications, then power off the device, then restart the device, then try opening SO2 before opening any other applications. If you get any error messages, please take a screen shot for us to review.

Thank you.

SmartOffice Support

PS - I just realized you said the PDF was attached to an email. After the reboot, you’ll need to open your email app to choose SO2 from the “open with” choices.


Hello Ron
The iPad is an iPad 2 A1396 with 8,5 free/16Go
iOS is 9.1

Before I upgrade iOS the attached files appeared as icons ; now the pdf or doc file is opened in the mail ? So I can’t push on it and select the app to open with !
Excuse my english