Smart Office for GOOD Technologies


Today I have been looking for Smart Office for GOOD in the APP Store and on the Marketplace and it no longer appears. Can anyone help why


Hi Dale,

Apologies that you are experiencing this problem. Good asked us to pull the application off the app store due to an issue with upgrading from the previous app store version. We’re awaiting a new SDK from them.

I’m chasing our contact at Good today, I hope to be able to publish an update within the next 24 hours.



Excellent thank you for the prompt response if you could notify me on here that would be useful because we are piloting your product withour organisation


this is affecting my organisation as well - many thanks for the update, I will keep checking for updates.


Please can we get an update? I have contacted Good Support and have been told Artifex have been given the correct SDK. Their latest SDK is dated 25/9/14 for iOS and Android on their site.

One of you is correct!


Hi all,

I can imagine how frustrating this is for you. I’m unfortunately still waiting for an update from Good.

I do not know where Good support is getting their information. I have an email from Richard Schaefer at Good, dated 3rd October, confirming they are investigating a possible fix.

I’m pushing this hard internally; it has been escalated up to our CEO now. I’ll post an update as soon as I have any more information.


Thanks for looking at this Jogu


Hi all,

Apologies again for the continueing issues here. Our CEO has spoken to Good now, and plans to speak again. Good are now working on a ‘plan b’, as well as continuing to explore their original plan.

I don’t have a definite time line yet, but we’re in continual discussions. I appreciate this isn’t satisfactory. We’re pushing to get at least a temporary solution in place ASAP.

Thanks for your patience - I will update again as soon as I can,



Hi all,

Smart Office for GOOD should be available on the app store again very shortly - it was just published and it may take a few hours for that action to percolate through all Apple’s servers. I apologise for the period this was unavailable, and also the frustration and stress I know it has caused everyone.

There is a known issue when upgrading from versions prior to 2.3.0; Good are putting together some information about that and I will share it as soon as I have. We would advise not upgrading until we have this information. This only affects users who have the older version of the application installed - it does NOT affect new installs.

We have one known bug in 2.3.2: the “Save back” feature to save a document to Good for Enterprise is not working. We have a fix for this in testing and hope to submit to Apple shortly; I will provide updates on this.

If you see any other problems, please do let me know.




Thanks Jogu for all your help in this matter


Hi all,

Version 2.3.4 has just been approved and will shortly be available on the App Store - this has the fix for the ‘Save back to Good for Enterprise’ bug in it.

Please let us know if you see any problems.