Smart Office Keeps FREEZING!


I can no longer edit any of my word documents on this program. It allows me to edit one sentence and then just freezes.

Being able to use this program since its last update on June 15 and I rely on it heavily so it’s been super irritating.



HI Rparadinha,

I’m really sorry to hear that this is happening to you, and thank you for posting about it.

We’d like to get this fixed for you, I’ve had a go at reproducing this issue but haven’t had it happen to me yet.

Could you help us determine the cause by sharing a few more details?

It would be useful to know:

  1. Device you are using (iPad / iPod / iPhone / etc)
  2. iOS version
  3. It would really help if you could share a document you have seen this problem on. If you don’t want to share it on a public forum, please let me know and I’ll find a way you can share it with me privately.
  4. Exact reproduction steps would help - ie. tap on , and then it freezes.
  5. Any other information you think might help us track it down.

Many thanks


I am also having this same problem. I updated the software for my ipad and it seemed to help but the app is still unusable since the last update over the summer. Anytime i want to edit an uploaded powerpoint there is a major delay or freeze. i really like this app and use it a lot until this happened. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi gcamb88,

Sorry to hear you’re having this problem, I’m sure we can get it sorted out for you.

I’ve had a go a reproducing it on an iPad here - I created a new blank pptx from smartoffice, saved it to dropbox, then opened it, edited and saved it, and it all seem okay - I didn’t see bad delays or freezes.

Can you think of what I’m doing differently to you? Is it dropbox you’re using or one of the other providers? Does it only happen with some powerpoint files, and if so would you mind sending us one that it happens with (email address is ).

Many thanks