Smart office Plus


At £20.99 this is no better that smart office 2 that i purchase at £6.99. Wasted money. Want a refund


Sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with Smart office Plus. Unfortunately, Apple do not provide us with a way to provide refunds directly, but you can contact Apple directly through the itunes store to request a refund.


Hi. It’s true that smartoffice plus is no better than smartoffice2, in fact, smartoffice2 has the dashboard and email facilities and smartoffice plus doesn’t. I also understand that in smartoffice2 documents could be converted to pdf but this was moved to smartoffice plus instead. Some one complained about this in the app store reviews. The advantage of having smartoffice plus is that it has this forum and what ever I did with smartoffice2 I couldn’t get a response. Apart from this smartoffice 2 and plus work well with Microsoft office when copying files between the two and are the best I could find in the app store. Smartoffice plus is definitely a work in progress and there is a lot to be done. Keep working at it guys, £21 is a lot of money!!!