SmartOffice 2 v2.3.10 for Android


Hi folks,

There is a new release of SmartOffice 2 for Android on the Google Play store now. For any Box users, this is a critical upgrade as Box are switching off the
current API that Smart Office users in the immediate future.

As always, please let us know on the forum if you see any issues - - we read all messages and use the feedback to guide our future development.

The changes are:

  • Migrate to new BOX v2 API
  • Improve PDF memory use by optimising clip paths.
  • Attempt to repair broken PDF files.
  • Improve PDF colorspaces handling.
  • PDF state machine fix.
  • Bidirectional text improvements.
  • Improve text placement in artwork for OOXML files.
  • Improve emulation of Monotype Sorts glyphs.