SmartOffice For Good v2.3.11 Stops when using GoodShare


We got Good Share working, and can see our drives and files. Then downloaded and installed Smart Office for Good. Went through he various steps, got it to authenticate. It will open office apps from Good For Enterprise email, but whenever you attempt to open one from the Good Share, the app stops.

Is this a configuration issue?

Did I miss something?

Also, when I was setting it up, I had to download a trial (60 days). I don’t see where there are licensees and how much it will be.


Hi @yogi_bear_79,

Sorry you are having issues interacting with Good Share. We’ll try to get this sorted.
Could you confirm whether this is Android or iOS please? We have had various intermittent issues sharing files from GoodShare with previous versions so its quite possible this is a bug rather than a configuration issue. The probem seems to be in the way Good Share runs Smart Office to do the secure transfer, and occasionally it would fail to transfer the document (and then the app shuts down). Sometimes retrying the share from Good Share to Smart Office a number of times would work but obviously that’s not a solution.

If you could also let me know which version of Good Share you are using that would help us trying to reproduce the problem.

I’m slightly puzzled by the 60 day trial thing - could you tell me where you downloaded the app from please, and where it said that it was a 60 day trial? It is possible your company is doing a trial of SmartOffice for Good, so they may have indicated that in the email they sent you with the activation key. It may be worth following that up with your IT department and let me know if they can’t explain that either.

If you have any confidential info (company name etc) which you dont want to share on the forum then please email us directly at


Hello, We are using Good Share 3.1.8, and this has been tested on a Droid RAZR and a Samsung Galaxy S5.

I’ll send you an email about the trial questions.


It started working the following day. New changed nothing on our part to make it work.