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Good morning, I have the need to transfer my word file on the PC and are approximately 200 documents, I noticed that I can not select multiple documents contamporaneamente but I can only select one documente time !!! also wanting to send files via e-mail we put a lot of time !!! besides the fact that I do not understand why you have not thought about the function select more files at the same time as I transfer my files on a PC? thank you


I’m sorry you are having trouble with SmartOffice 2 functionality.

If I understand your question, you are trying to transfer a group of documents from your PC to your mobile device. The best way to access a large body of files from your device would be to move them (or copy them) from your PC to a cloud storage location (such as Dropbox, Box or Google Drive).

You are correct that the SmartOffice Explorer (file manager) can take action on only one document at a time.

If I misunderstood your question and the 200 documents are on your mobile device and you want to transfer them to your PC, your best solution would be to use the backup feature of iTunes to copy files from device to computer.

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many thanks for the reply , I can confirm that my problem and to transfer my files from iphone to pc , I wonder how I can retrieve documents via itunes ?
thank you


It’s a little out of our area of expertise to recommend how to backup/copy/restore your mobile device, but this article may help:

Once you have a backup made on your PC, with your device connected and iTunes running, click on the device icon in iTunes, then click on APPS on the left side display. Then in the center area listing all your apps, click on SmartOffice and you will see all your locally saved files on the right. Highlight as many as you want to copy, then click SAVE TO and navigate to a location on your PC to hold those files.

Good luck.

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