Transferring Files to New Device


I have a lots of files on my iPad.

I have recently purchased a new iPad mini and would like to transfer the files onto my new tablet.

Is this possible without having to upload each separate file to Dropbox? Is there a transfer all files function?

It will save many hours of work if it is possible.

Many thanks,


Hi John.

There is no “transfer files” function within SmartOffice.

However, if you used iTunes to sync with your “old” iPad, there is a function within iTunes which will allow you to see all the locally stored files on your device and copy them in one step to your computer. Then, after you set up your “new” iPad you can transfer them from computer to device.

I would also suggest that you never store important documents in only one place. Backups are important. If you successfully transfer the documents to your computer, you could also use a cloud storage location to assist in your transfer of documents from computer to new device.

Thanks for contacting us.

SmartOffice Support


Has anybody faced iphone error 4005 which I am getting it on my iPhone 8 while transferring data to iPad ??? It is redirecting me to the site I have shown here. Is it related to any software glitch ??