Unable to load document - word


Sorry for my English. My sister created some documents (word) with Smart Office 2 on her Ipad. Some of them cannot be loaded anymore.


Sorry to hear you are having problems. Would it be possible to supply us with one of these documents so that we can try to find out what has happened to it?


Thank You for your help! Unfortunatly I can’t send You any of theese files, since they have been created on Smart Office 2 on Ipad and now the app says it’s impossibile to unload the document (in Italian: impossibile caricare il documento). Therefore I can’t do anything: I cannot open, edit, share, print any of them. Most of them are .docx files, I added some images and they are from 2 to 20 Mb. But in Timeline I can see the document has still a content!


I was wondering if you can access them from iTunes on your sister’s PC or Mac.

Another question: where were these documents saved to? Was it My Documents or to an offline service like DropBox?

Also, has she tried shutting down and rebooting the iPad?

  1. we’ll try with iTunes on my sister’s PC and then we’ll let You know about it.
  2. they were saved to My Documents
  3. Yes, she did
    Thank You


Thank you for the file. We will analyse it and try to establish the cause of this problem.


It happened once again. My sister lost another file. It is impossible to open it on pc with iTunes. This is the forth word file created on iPad with smart Office 2 and lost.