Upgrading Smart Office for Good from versions prior to 2.3


Please note that upgrading from iOS versions of Smart Office prior to 2.3 will unfortunately require special handling, as the user’s application will be locked and required the IT team to generate an unlock key.

I have attached the advisory from Good:

SmartOffice for Good - Product Advisory.pdf (266.5 KB)

This issue only affect users upgrading from a version before 2.3. New installs and users already running a 2.3.x release are not affected.

The root cause is that old versions of the Good Dynamic SDK relied on access to the device MAC address, which for privacy reasons Apple have been blocking in new app uploads for some time now (starting a little after iOS 7 was released). Good Dynamics prior to this released a SDK revision that allowed a seamless transition to occur, but unfortunately Picsel did not take on that SDK update within the transition window that Apple granted. Unfortunately the transition window had expired by the time Artifex purchased the Smart Office applications. Good Dynamics spent some time investigating a possible solution/workaround but unfortunately any solution required approval from Apple, which they have not yet been able to obtain.