Using Speech Boxes In A Presentation


Here is a suggestion for Smart Office Presentations to help until these improvements are implemented. I am using an ipad mini with iOS 7.1.2 and sometimes when I am doing a presentation I like to use the speech boxes with a text box so that I can point to the particular words in the text box and put information about them in the speech boxes. These speech boxes are found by clicking on the add icon at the top of the screen then on the shape icon which pops up along with image and photo icons. There are 15 shapes here included are the square speech box and a circular speech box which are the ones I am most likely to use. I can click on the square speech box and move it where I want, I can type in text, I an even turn the box upside down. This is where you will find the need of this tip. If you want your speech box to point upward toward the text box, your text will be upside down. Who wants upside down text? I’ve tried just about everything to get an upward pointing text box with the text the right way round but it didn’t work. I tried doing a presentation in power point on my computer with text boxes in various positions hoping I could copy the document via box into SmartOffice but sadly I found that I could not copy and paste them into the document I was working on. The result was that the text was pasted but not the box. Dead end. So the only answer I’ve come up with is to select one of the speech boxes from the shape menu in your document, turn it to the position you want then also select the text box, bottom left hand corner in the shapes menu, type in your text, then move it into the speech box. You can change to out line colour of the text box to match the speech box so you can only see the text and it looks ok. It just means that if you want to move your speech box again you also have to move the text box. So hope this is helpful in your presentations and that we can have more versatile speech boxes and lots more shapes in the future.