Very slow when editing


I’ve just done the update on my ipad for Smartoffice and now it’s really slow when I try to type anything or try to edit a document - there’s a delay of about 5-6 seconds to perform each action instead of it being instant


Hi 2sheyellow,

Sorry to hear about this. I hope we can get it resolved for you.

Do you know which iPad you have (iPad 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / Air) and which version of iOS you are using?

Is it a Word document you see this problem with? Is it just one document or have you seen it on several?




I have the same problem since the last update made a week ago . I used to open an exel file 170ko without any problem and no delay,but now it takes me 7 seconds just to move from a box to another . It’s frustrating !
iPad 2 ios7.1


Hi Nbpn2001,

Many thanks for sending us the problem file, that is very useful and we really appreciate it.

I’ve raised it in our internal issue tracking as #695821. Someone will follow up once we’ve had a chance to investigate.