What happened to the Dashboard!


Hi. When I down loaded SmartOffice Plus I noticed there was no dash board. I knew there should be one because I had SmartOffice 2. So I thought that’s odd but didn’t query it because I thought the app must be designed that way. Then after I had the app for a few days it suddenly appeared and I was very pleased, but after a day it went again. Anyone able to explain what’s going on? Looking forward to the reply. Many thanks.



Thanks for your post. I’ve had a look at this and I think I have been able to reproduce the odd behaviour you describe, although it does seem to be random.

The intention in smartoffice plus product was that the dashboard was not used, though in certain cases it does appear.

We’d be interested in any feedback you have - is there is a particular reason you are looking for the dashboard, or a feature in the dashboard you particularly like?


Hi Jogu, thanks for your reply. I just think the dash board looked good and it was handy for accessing the help aspects of the program. From the dashboard I was able to access this site and retained it in Google, so I was able to sign up and post a message. I think because of this feature in particular it is very helpful to new purchasers. I do appreciate your attention though.


Thanks for the feedback robepage.

I agree about the help/support links, they don’t seem to be accessible other than in the dashboard and definitely should be accessible in Smart Office +. I’ll discuss that with the rest of the team.


Hi. If you could do that, I would be very pleased. Many thanks again.