Word document template how to create?


I’ve no doubt missed an obvious way but how do I create a document template and save it to the templates folder? At the moment I save to my documents folder and then do a ‘save as’ each time. Which is a ok but I run the risk of overwriting it by mistake.

I’m using it on iOS on my iPad

Help appreciated!


Hi Martin.

You did not miss anything. It is not possible to create your own template in SmartOffice 2 at this time.

We have this item on our list of features to add to the app, but unfortunately, I cannot predict when we’ll get to it. We have a few major enhancements we’re working on for the next release but I’m not sure we’ll be able to include user created templates.

The engineering team reads this forum too, and I’ve set the topic of your post to “Enhancement” from “uncategorized”.

Thank you for posting.

SmartOffice Support


Hi Ron

Thanks for the reply, at least I wasn’t being stupid! Lol

It would seem a logical enhancement to me, so will wait for your dev team!

Great app!