Word documents won't stay deleted


I delete word docs on the app and after a few moments they reappear. This seem to start happening when I upgraded my device to 7.1.2.


Hi Debbie,

Welcome to the forum, and many thanks for sharing this problem with us - I’d like to investigate and get this fixed for you.

I’ve just had a quick go and it seemed to be working okay in the scenario I tried. Is there anything you can think of that might help me reproduce it? Did you see this on local documents or was it one of the cloud file systems (dropbox/googledocs/…)?


It happens on local docs. I am not using the cloud file system.



To delete a Word doc, I save the doc with a different title without “.doc” after it and it will delete. If I don’t do that the file won’t stay deleted. This is inefficient and this was not required before. I am searching for a different app so that I don’t have to be dependent on Smart Office since it appears this can’t be fixed.


I also have the same problem on my iPad. I do have cloud syncs. But it only happens in documents.
After you delete it. When you return, the documents are still there.


Hi Debbie & Daryl

Many thanks to you both for the extra information, that should help us reproduce it. I’ll get one of our engineers to check into this and will get back to you as soon as I can.


Hi Debbie & Daryl,

We’ve reproduced this problem now - many thanks for the additional information, that was very useful. The fix will be included in a build we’re preparing at the moment that will include a number bug fixes.

If either of you would like to get early access to this build via testflight please let me know and we can add you to the beta test group.


Hi guys, I’m Matt, and I’m working on this issue. In addition to Jogu’s comments above, I thought I’d add that the problem appears to be related to the presence of special characters (spaces, punctuation characters etc), in filenames.

As Jogu mentioned, a new build will be available soon with a fix, but in the meantime, you can workaround this problem by renaming your file before deleting it to remove any spaces or punctuation (the . character should be fine).

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


I too am unable to delete documents but not just word, including also excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations too. As this post was started in July and it is now September is it now fixed?


Our release is planned for end of this month


This bug should be fixed in the v2.3.1 release that’s now available on the app store - please let us know if you still see any problems.